Mỹ An Sinh Course

Mỹ An Sinh Course

It’s best to start Mỹ An Sinh Course when you are 25 weeks to 30 weeks pregnant. As soon as you find out that you are expecting you should contact us to reserve a place for you and your Birth Companion in our course. Our course is the complete program of the HypnoBirthingTM  method, which:

  • provides practical information about the functioning of the body, the different stages of labor and different states of mind during the birth phase.
  • ensures bonding between mother, child and father before, during and after birth. This connection is extended after birth which brings peace and calm to the life of the family.
  • ensures self-awareness and awareness of your pregnancy and childbirth.
  • prepares for your child’s arrival by making a Birth Preferences list which effectively communicates your birth’s wishes to the health caregiver.
  • trains you to put yourself in a deep state of relaxation and concentration, which reduces pain. The importance of relaxation during childbirth is well known, but how you do that at such an exciting moment such as birth is often not learned.
  • teaches you to release your fears, so that no stress hormones are created during the birth.
  • shortens the overall birthing process and keeps the mother fresh and energetic during childbirth and afterwards.
  • increases your self-confidence and control over the birth process, even if things go different than expected.
  • reduces the need for chemical anesthesia, incision and other procedures which cause mother and baby to recover faster after the birth.
  • reduces the risk of pelvic floor damage by applying the essential breathing techniques during the birthing phase.

Participants: expectant Mother and her Birth Companion

You get a private course with our practitioner, Nga Burger-Nguyen. Course’s plan is set to best met your schedule.

Mỹ An Sinh Course includes:


  • In Holland: 495,- Euro (excluding transport cost of 35 euro cent/km from postcode 3822 for private class at client’s house)
  • In other countries: 495,- Euro
  • Special group course price only applied to customers in Vietnam: 5.500.000 VND (*)

(*) Because of time constraints, courses in Vietnam are preferably organised in groups of 2 to 3 couples at the special price mentioned above. Private courses are subject to availability at higher price, please contact us for details. Material are all above except the book which is only available in English. My An Sinh can lend the book if desired. 

If you have special circumstances or special request, please fill in the following form

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