The role of a HypnoBirthing Companion

The role of a HypnoBirthing Companion

When a woman goes into labor using the HypnoBirthingTM method, it is very important that she is supported by a Birth Companion. This role is usually taken by the father (*), her partner. That’s you.

What makes a HypnoBirthingTM Companion special is that he’s not just there taking care of his partner and holding the baby after the birth, he is also a part of the birthing process

Before Birth, you:

  • attend all 5 HypnoBirthingTM classes
  • practice the techniques with the mother in classes and at home
  • create time and space for the mother to practice daily in a peaceful environment
  • bond with the baby through affirmations and other techniques
  • pay attention to the progress the mother makes and approach the Practitioner for extra guidance
  • find out what works to help the mother relax and keeps on practicing it
  • perform the perineum massage on the mother in the last weeks leading to the birth
  • prepare the Birth Preferences and communicates them to the health caregiver together with the mother
  • prepare all necessities for the hospital stay or home birth

During Birth, you:

  • assist the mother to achieve and maintain deep relaxation using the techniques you learned and practiced
  • apply light touch massage (a technique you learned in class) on the mother’s back, arms, and legs
  • are mindful of her movements, help her getting from one place to another with care
  • help her get into the position she’s most comfortable with while in the birthing phase
  • act as a buffer between the mother and the medical staff in the situation where questions need to be answered, such as the possibility of interventions should labor prove difficult to progress
  • are present during surges and breathes with the mother
  • make sure the mother is hydrated and reminds her to go to toilet every now and then
  • hold the mirror so the mother can see her baby coming if she wants
  • help catching the baby if desired
  • meet the mother’s needs in any way he can

After Birth, you:

  • cut the umbilical cord if desired
  • make sure the mother and baby have a peaceful environment while staying at the hospital or at home
  • attend mother and baby needs however he could

and last but not least

Be proud! You did it. It may not have been as laborious as your partner’s work but still, you have shown a tremendous amount of dedication and love!

(*) aside from the father, a family member or a close friend of the mother can take the Birth Companion role if he or she wishes to do so

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