Mỹ An Sinh – the first antenatal HypnoBirthingTM – The Mongan Method class in English and Vietnamese in Vietnam and in Holland.

HypnoBirthingTMThe Mongan Method is a method using hypnosis in childbirth. It was founded in the United States in early 1989 by Marie Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy. Today, this method is widely represented in 46 countries around the world. In recent years, HypnoBirthingTM has become more popular thanks to the remarkable results when used in real births. In Holland and the U.K expectant mothers are encouraged to participate in HypnoBirthingTM classes covered by various health insurance companies. In South East Asia, HypnoBirthingTM has shown steady growth in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philipines, Indonesia, Brunei and is chosen by many expectant families.

Practicing HypnoBirthingTM assists a mother’s mind and body to reach a state of complete relaxation during pregnancy and birthing. She is supported by a Birth Companion, usually the father. This method helps shortening the birthing process as well as make it safe, less stressful and speeds up postpartum recovery.

According to several scientific researches, when applying HypnoBirthingTM labor  is shortened by 20 to 30% in comparison to control groups; birthing mothers request epidurals less; they are more confident, more alert during birthing and show no presence of postpartum depression in one study on 600 women.

By participating in Mỹ An Sinh classes parents will learn breathing techniques, self-hypnosis and deep relaxation to limit stress and worries about their birth. They are also trained on how to connect to their baby and are taught essential birthing positions. In addition, Mỹ An Sinh provides parents with information on safe pregnancy, birthing characteristics, postpartum care and how to deal with obstacles they might face during birthing to achieve their birth wishes.

Mỹ An Sinh provides Free Consultation and a 5-week Course in English and Vietnamese in Holland and Vietnam. Please check our Services more for details.

Nga Burger-Nguyen

Nga Burger-Nguyen – HypnoBirthingTM – The Mongan Method Practitioner

Nga lives with her husband and two young children in Holland. Her first birth experience was a far call from what she had imagined. She had a stressful time recovering from her birth injuries. Out of sheer desperation she chose HypnoBirthingTM and practiced it with her husband for her second birth. This time, even though her daughter was significantly heavier than her brother, she was born naturally in a surprisingly short time with virtually no pain and Nga recovered from the birth much faster. Nga soon found out that the techniques she learnt through HypnoBirthingTM also helped her remain positive and free from unnecessary worries which allowed her to positively focus on her family and her postpartum recovery.

The wonderful birth experience in her second birth was the reason why Nga decided to become a HypnoBirthingTM practitioner to bring this amazing childbirth method to Vietnam and oversea Vietnamese communities.

It is Nga’s ultimate dream to assist expectant parents and their babies a blissful and unforgettable time with their pregnancies and births. This wonderful experience is not limited to just pregnancy, it is carried throughout the entire labor and birthing process where at the end of it, a new life is born with love. A true Labor of Love.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic principles of HypnoBirthing?

When a mother can let go of fear and stress, her body should birth easily, safely and with only sensations instead of pain because a woman body is naturally designed to do so. This is however not an easy thing to do when you are exposed to negative childbirth stigma in many ways. You would come to believe that birth is destined to be painful, dangerous and need close medical supervision and interventions.

Childbirth is above all an ultimate experience in your life and if you treat it as a precious life’s gift, it’ll be an amazing experience for you, your partner and our baby. With that in mind you can learn to birth your baby in a peaceful, comfortable and easy manner. This is the main reason HypnoBirthingTM was created: to prepare parents on a remarkable pregnancy and birth journey so they can have their baby calmly, lovingly and confidently wherever they choose to be

What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing?

Benefits for Mum

  • Hypnobirthing allows you to work with your body, as nature designed
  • Hypnobirthing allows you to experience a calm and comfortable birth
  • While using hypnobirthing techniques you are less likely to need pain relief
  • You will be in control and alert throughout your birthing
  • Labor is often shortened which helps to reserve your energy for speedy recovery
  • Hypnobirthing increases your confidence in your own ability to birth naturally

Benefits for Dad

  • Builds an understanding of the physical processes involved in birth, thereby helping to understand what mum is experiencing
  • Can bring you closer to mum as you practice together
  • Gives father a ‘real’ job during labour, not just a helpless bystander
  • The making of a baby is a partnership, the bringing up of the child is a partnership and hypnobirthing fosters partnership during the pregnancy and birth too

Benefits for Baby

  • Babies who are born using hypnobirthing show less distress during birth
  • Hypnobirthing babies are often very alert after birth
  • Hypnobirthing babies are often calmer babies
What do I learn from Mỹ An Sinh class?

Aside from the essential techniques such as breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation which assist parents in achieving deep relaxation state during pregnancy and birth, you are also trained you to connect with your baby, preparing your mind and body for this special journey. You are taught the process of birth, possible obstacles and how to get through them to achieve the birth you envision.

Can I lose control or change my characteristics permanently under influences of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not what you often think it is. It definitely doesn’t happen on a stage where you will be hypnotized to act on any request like what you seen on movies or read from books.

What you will learn is in fact “self-hypnosis” which assist you through childbirth calmly. To achieve this Mỹ An Sinh trains you on breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations and hypnosis script designed for pregnancy and birth. A woman on example can choose to focus solely on the sound of her breathing while visualizing her baby descent with every breath she draws.

When can I start MyAnSinh course?

Our course is a 5 weeks course, parents should be starting when you are between 25 weeks and 30 weeks pregnant. In this pregnancy stage you should feel your baby’s move easily which helps practicing better.

I'm terrified of pain. Is Mỹ An Sinh course suitable for me?

It is known that when you are tensed up even an injection can be painful. When your body goes through the changes during childbirth it can cause pain and tensing up will not help, rather making it worse. Mỹ An Sinh trains you to limit pain by focus on deep relaxation.

What if I have an epidural, C-section or other procedures?

Mỹ An Sinh helps you preparing for different birth outcomes while remaining calm, focus and energetic. Whichever birth you and your baby choose you can still have a wonderful birth experience when applying the techniques you learn in our course.

My birth partner is not interested in taking the course with me, what can MyAnSinh advice us?

HypnoBirthing can be a wonderful way to connect with the baby before birth. It sometimes happens that the mother is initially keener on the preparation than the father, but by the end of the first class the dads are very motivated! This is because the course gives them a clear idea about what their role in the birth process is and how they can help.

Upon completion of Mỹ An Sinh course I'll have a natural, pain free, drug free birth and fast recovery after birth?

Mỹ An Sinh can not guarantee that you will achieve your birth wishes after finishing our course. What we can guarantee is that if you are dedicated to practicing the techniques we train you, you will have more chance in getting the birth you want. And that can well be a natural, pain-free, drug-free birth and fast recovery after ward.

What is the main difference between normal antenatal class and Mỹ An Sinh course?

Normal antenatal classes provides overall information about birth process which might including interventions. They also teach shallow breathing to cope with pain

Mỹ An Sinh course focus on preparing the mind and body for a birth you, your partner and your baby want.

What is the difference between Free Consultation and the Mỹ An Sinh Course?

Free Consultation is a talk to get to know you and vice versa. The outcome of it is for you to have a clear idea of who we are and what we have to offer so you can make your decision whether or not you would want to work with us

Mỹ An Sinh Course is a 5 week couse of 2.5 hours each week taught privately. We can draw up and a lesson plan to best suit your schedule. You are also supported by email/phone up till 3 months postpartum

When and where is Mỹ An Sinh course available? How much does it cost?

Mỹ An Sinh Course is available in Vietnam and Holland upon our customer requests. In Vietnam, the course is available in Hochiminh City and in Holland we provide the course in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Hilversum, Baarn. Please check our Mỹ An Sinh Couse page for cost information.

If you live in other countries or other cities in Vietnam and Holland and you would like to participate in our course, please contact us so we can work something out together.


It was very helpful for me to learn the Birth Companion's role and other techniques from Nga. During the birth of our daughter I was confident in assisting my wife through a rather long labor. We were both happy with the birth. It was a beautiful experience!


happy dad
Rienk K.Amsterdam, Holland

I'm used to be terrified of the prospect of facing my daughter's birth after listening to many traumatic birth experiences from other people.

During my pregnancy, Nga was very attentive in teaching me the essential breathing and relaxation techniques.

If I didn't experience it myself I would not believe that I could have the most of my 24 hours labor in such a gentle way.

easy 24 hours labor
Thanh TuAmsterdam, Holland


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